Let's Paint With Liz 217-853-4365

Hi ! I'm Liz and I love to paint!!!

  I started Let's Paint With Liz four and a half years ago with a few goals in mind. Making art easy for everyone, in a non-intimidating, social setting. And most importantly of all for each person to walk away with a painting that they are proud they created.   

  I'm originally from Decatur and loves giving back to the community. Whether it's hosting fundraiser events through Let's Paint with Liz or being an active board member for Decatur's Junior Welfare Association, you will likely see me around town volunteering my time here and there.

  I'm in charge of the art program at Holy Family Catholic School. I love showing the children the fundamentals of art as well as allowing them to use their own creativity. 

   I also love the summer you will find me most days laying at the Decatur Surf Club soaking up the rays.